Monday, August 17, 2009

And I Love You So (2009, Laurenti Dyogi)

There are a few firsts achieved by this movie. It is the first time a Star Cinema film did not get distributed by the SM theater circuit. It also marked the first time Bea Alonzo donned a two-piece bikini.

Sexy Alonzo plays a preschool teacher named Lara Sarmiento Cruz. She's stuck in a rut ever since the death of her husband, Oliver Cruz (Derek Ramsay). The movie portrays Oliver as a prince charming and a saint. He is just too good to be true. Lara rues her loss and cries her heart out until reality sets in. In need of some money, the young lady decides to lease her condominium unit. Chris Panlilio (Sam Milby) became her tenant, and later, friend.

And I Love You So then takes the formulaic route. Boy falls in love with girl. They get along well. Girl gets angry with boy. They split up. Then, cue in the title 'Two years later.' Ooops, did I just spoil your movie viewing? Well, that is no spoiler. A happy ending seems requisite for a Star Cinema romance film.

This film is a typical product churned out by the Star Cinema factory. It features the basic elements: a love that bears all things; rich characters with overflowing money; glossy photography that shows off picturesque locations; kilometer-long dialogues in English; kilig moments with music in the background; and sexy actors/actresses who bare flesh.

Ripped abs and fleshy curves were all for naught as the movie fails to stand out among countless romance films. The film doesn't have a sympathetic character. Oliver is a dead guy. Lara is too dependent on a lover and wallows in self-pity. Chris seems to be a caring person but ultimately revealed to be a liar.

Lara's obsession with good boy Oliver is a bit extreme. There were moments when I thought the film will reunite Lara with her true, real, and only love, Oliver. With all her loud wailing and drunken sprees, not a few moviegoers wish for it to happen, no matter how morbid.

As it is, the film is recommended only to die-hard fans of Alonzo, who gets better and lovelier with every film.

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