Monday, February 1, 2010

Cinemalaya shorts at Pasinaya 2010: CCP Open House Festival

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) will be holding its one-day performing arts festival, Pasinaya 2010: CCP Open House Festival on Sunday, February 7, 2010. CCP resident companies such as the UST Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Philippines will perform excerpts of their upcoming shows. Aside from the Resident Company Zone, there will be a Music Zone, a Dance Zone, a Theater Zone, a Literary Zone, a Visual Arts Zone, and the Children’s Zone. Watch as much as you can for only a minimum donation of 20 pesos. Saan ka pa?

The Film Zone features five short films from last year’s edition of Cinemalaya. The recommended films are the winning entries Bonsai and Blogog. Tatang is also worth a view.

Blogog (Rommel Tolentino)

Rommel Tolentino has carved a name for himself as maker of award-winning short films. He won awards for Orasyon (2006) and the rollicking hilarious feature Andong (2008). His latest short film Blogog nabbed the special jury award. It tells the charming story of a boy who picked up a mysterious ball. The object buoys up the spirits and confidence of the bullied kid.

Bonsai (Borgy Torre)

An overweight security guard tries his best to lose some pounds. He is eyeing a beauteous morena. Taking inspiration from the bonsai plant, he goes extreme in his makeover. Richard Somes, director of Yanggaw, does a fine acting job as the obese Rico. Angel Aquino also stars as the object of Rico’s affection.

Tatang (Nico Hernandez)

Tatang is a gritty story about a snatcher’s daughter getting involved in petty crimes. A fateful gunshot will forever scar the delinquent girl.

Si Bok at ang Trumpo (Hubert Tibi)

I barely remember this film. Watch something else at the CCP.

Wat Floor Ma’am (Mike Sandejas and Robert Seña)

Mike Sandejas collaborated with Robert Seña on this over-the-top imagining of a discussion between a former First Lady of the Philippines and a rugged action star. Watch something else at the CCP.

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