Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cinemalaya Cinco (Festival pass, tips, et al.)

Here are ten tips for Cinemalaya newbies:

1) Check synopses and screening schedules of films at the Cinemalaya and Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) websites:

2) Get your tickets or passes at the CCP Box Office and Ticketworld. Now!

Regular Screening Price PHP 100.00
Student Price PHP 50.00
Day Pass PHP 300.00 Good for 5 screenings per day
Festival Pass PHP 1,000.00 Good for all screenings
Congress Pass
PHP 500.00 2-day package for non-students
PHP 250.00 Special 2-day package for students
PHP 300.00 1-day package for non-students
Senior Citizen 20% off Regular Screening Price

Call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 and TicketWorld at 891-9999

3) Go early to the CCP Building to avoid long queues. Every guest is checked for fever as a precaution against Influenza A(H1N1)

4) Wear thick clothing or just bring a jacket. Every venue at the CCP is icy-cold

5) Nothing to do after viewing a film? Check out the exhibits at the CCP. There is a Cinemalaya film poster and memorabilia exhibit at the Little Theatre lobby

6) Savor the film festival atmosphere. Enjoy the endless stream of celebrities and film personalities. Take notice of what films are making a buzz

7) Take your meal before or after each film screening. No food and drinks are allowed inside CCP screening venues

8) Although screening changes are rare, make it a habit to ask for possible screening updates from the courteous CCP staff. Who knows, you might end up meeting Ms. Vanessa Valencia, beauteous star of the Cinemalaya Cinco ad teaser 'Saan Nagtatago ang CCP?'

9) Digital cameras and camcorders, especially bulky ones, are sometimes asked to be left at the package counter

10) If you've seen an excellent film, then share the love. Spread the good news

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